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ScribePro Team

Recording medical interactions in real-time for clinicians in team sports

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Game changer

ScribePro Team records medical interactions in real-time for clinicians in team sports. You can manage and analyse your player records through our powerfully packed web dashboard on your desktop and record on the go through our mobile companion app.

The range of injuries, diagnosis and therefore treatments that you can record is vast. Data entry is quick and easy keeping speed with consultation and covering your complete volume of cases.

You can add up to 35 players per squad and if you have multiple squads you can easily move the players from one to the other.

Your squad page lists all players in their positions, easy to navigate and with activity alerts, allowing quick reference to the current playing/training status of all squad members.

Mobile device to dashboard

Whether recording on your web dashboard or on your mobile companion app all your data entries appear simultaneously on both devices in real-time.

Team sport

You can invite and link your medical team together to record and review treatments and consultations providing a complete collaboration for clinicians.  All data entries are automatically clinician, time and date stamped.

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