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Agreement from ScribePro Team portal and companion app

This portal and companion app is provided by ScribePro Ltd. We are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. The following data is collected by the ScribePro Team portal and companion app:

  • Personal information such as basic identify and contact information
  • Medical data such as injuries and illness
  • Training data such as activities, timings, surfaces and equipment

This data is collected by the medical professionals of your Club and/or National Association for the purposes of documenting your injuries and illnesses, supporting clinicians as they provide treatment, and for use in improving care and recovery through injury research. As a data processor ScribePro Limited do not use your data other than in relation to supporting the portal and companion app and we will not market to you or share your data other than as set out below. The Data Controller for data protection purposes is the Club or Organisation for whom you play or work for and their privacy policy will apply to the collection and use of the data you provide.  If you previously signed the consent form for your details to be included in the Injury Study for Season 2019/20 then this data will remain as part of your ongoing medical record. Please note we will share some aggregated data with third parties. Data sharing is limited to recognised sporting and medical bodies. The data shared is restricted to medical and training data for the express purpose of research into sporting injury and all data shared is anonymised. You can request to view your data or have it removed from our database at any point by contacting By accessing and using ScribePro or by signing the agreement within the portal and companion app you are agreeing with our privacy statement which can be found on our website and give ScribePro permission to collect and share the data as described above and in that.