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Our Features

Training & Playing Status

Set separate statuses for training and playing availability.

Player Reports

Store or share medical records with ease via PDF or CSV.


Quick entry of drugs and dosages allowing full traceability.

Offline Mode

Record from anywhere making it ideal for when on the move.

Voice Notes

Use mobile dictation to spend less time on note-keeping.

Sports Context

Utilise predetermined sports specific inputs to speed up recording.

Injury Analysis

Instant insights to your data covering occurrence and injury types.

Filling Cabinet

Upload, store and view all relevant medical attachments easily.

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Training and Playing Status

Offering a quick visual status check on a players' training and match status, as we understand availability for both of these do not always match. Select from 'unable', 'partially' or 'fully' training. Select from 'unable', 'partially' or 'fully' training.


Offline Mode

No matter where you are, record your injury and illness notes, even without access to Wifi or signal. Make use your time whether you are on a flight, traveling back from a game, or in a stadium with no reception.


Player Reports

Quickly select timeframes to download a full PDF or CSV report on an individuals injury and illness record. These can then be stored or shared appropriately. Full squad CSV data export is also available at any time.


Filing Cabinet

Store and keep track of key documents relating to an athletes medical history and view these quickly. Link these to injuries or illnesses as required.

Our Features

Jam packed with features to improve care.

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Insight to the ScribePro Team features


Real time data timeline and customisable dashboard to summarise, analyse and display results

User Friendly

Simplifying data input requirements with intelligent predetermined fields and body site diagrams

Automated reporting

Minimises post episode clinician paperwork and the need to think retrospectively

Mobile device to dashboard

Whether recording on your mobile app or web dashboard all data entries appear simultaneously on both devices in real-time.

Paperless & compliant

Forget carbon patient report forms and follow all current HSE and GDPR data requirements

More from ScribePro Teams

Instantly shows the squad availability status

Real-time data, encrypted in transit and at rest

Time stamped traceability

SOAP based system for assessment and planning

Virtual filing cabinet for easy and secure storage

Compliant in all regulations and within all medical standards

Data stored off device once pushed

Complete clinician collaboration

Data held in Firestore by Google with Firebase user authentication

Two-factor authentication with biometrics

Rapid data entry mapped to current best practice for medical data recording

Data fields designed to ensure an enhanced user experience