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Maximising Care, Minimising Risk in Sports and Events Medicine

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More on ScribePro Team

ScribePro Team

Recording medical interactions in real-time for clinicians in team sports

ScribePro First Aid

Transforming medical records in First Aid and Events

About ScribePro.

At ScribePro we securely record medical interactions in real time for all team sports and for events and first aid situations.

Our powerful portal-based system allows you to operate on your desktop through our web dashboard and on the go through our mobile companion app.

We have designed our digital platform to deliver a secure and game changing solution for clinicians to record a complete range of injuries, diagnosis and treatments in all circumstances.

We offer two distinct products, ScribePro Team and ScribePro First Aid. You can subscribe and sign-up now for ScribePro Team – suitable for all team sports. ScribePro First Aid is in the process of being perfected to release in 2023.

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