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Look after your squad each season for just £40/player*

*based on a squad of 35 players

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Winning prices

ScribePro Team is unique in its design and unique in its pricing structure.  There are no hidden costs just affordable access to all of the benefits and features on our powerful portal linking to our mobile companion app.

The annual subscription cost for you to manage the medical records for up to 35 players per squad is £1,400 (plus vat).  That’s effectively £40 per player per year.

We offer a sliding scale pricing structure for multi-squad access, e.g. an annual subscription for three squad accounts totals £3,000 (plus vat) resulting in a £1,400 annual saving.

Our aim is to provide you with the level of subscription that works for you with a tiered pricing system that suits clubs at all league levels.

We will provide you with a personalised quote specific to your requirements and agree your preferred payment plan for your annual subscription.

Get in touch ( to receive a quote or arrange a demo.

You can also call us at +44 (0) 7376 660685.  Will be great to hear from you.