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ScribePro First Aid

Coming soon, a game-changer for First Aid and Events

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Releasing soon

We are currently working to perfect the build of our ScribePro First Aid mobile companion app and web dashboard, to bring it to market alongside ScribePro Team.

We plan to launch soon and ScribePro First Aid will deliver a digital solution for recording in real-time first aid incidents and event injuries. It will enable focus of the care episode for single and multiple user monitoring and recording, producing secure cloud-based reporting storage for all medical incidents.

Key Features of our Web Dashboard

  • Event creation and management
  • Real-time data feed of cases
  • Manage clinical team
  • Interrogate records and details of care
  • Export patient records

Key Features of our Mobile Companion App

  • Online and offline support
  • Real-time data, encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Time stamped traceability
  • Time bound access to data and records
  • Nothing stored on device

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